Sponsors and Community Partners

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Ink Nutz

We are so excited to be working with Ink Nutz and have them as our first sponsor. 
We have worked together for years and have seen some of their great products out in the community. 
We are proud to be using them for our swag and marketing material!

Monroe Chamber

The Monroe Chamber runs and operates the Monroe Visitor Information Center, the Monroe Farmers Market, Music in the Park, Fair Days Parade and many other great events year-round. 
They have been amazing supporters of our organization for years!

Sky Valley Chamber

The Sky Valley Chamber of Commerce runs and operates the Sky Valley Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Information Center. 

They are great stewards of the Sky Valley and amazing supporters of ours!

Ready to help the Snohomish County Breweries, Wineries, Distilleries and Coffee Roasters

Local Liquid Arts is our marketing name to promote the breweries, wineries, distilleries and coffee roasters of Snohomish County to residents and tourists.  
As Local Liquid Arts we:
- print out marketing material that is distributed throughout the county (Trails, postcards, flyers, advertisements)
- have a rewards system in place for visiting local craft beverage makers 
- share information about our local craft beverage makers online through our website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages
- organize and promote special events that bring customers to the craft beverage makers
- promote and share events that Snohomish County craft beverage makers are hosting
- work with local makers to host us monthly for our Mobile Shop & Pick-Up Station 
- consign with our local craft beverage makers and sell their wares at our Mobile Shops held throughout the month in varies places throughout the county

The Craft Beverage Guild is our official organization's name and we go by that name when working with the makers, local businesses and resource partners. 
As the Craft Beverage Guild of Snohomish County we:
- work the local authorities to organize trainings and educational material to ensure our craft beverage makers are up-to-date with the latest information that is important to the success of their business. 
- attend conferences and workshops that help strengthen our core knowledge to ensure we are supporting our craft beverage makers with the newest and latest information
- setup classes, workshops and conferences locally to help our local craft beverage makers grow their businesses 
- work with our local craft beverage makers to ensure we are supporting them the way they need
- connect our local craft beverage makers with businesses and resources that may help them in their business

Why you should support the Craft Beverage Guild

Why sponsor?
- Fund printed Trails and help residents and tourist discover Snohomish County craft beverage makers
- increase awareness about your business to beer, wine, coffee and distillery drinking enthusiasts
- legitimize our organization within your circle
- thanks for work already done to get this going and help us make it better
- inspire others to support our cause
- provide money for swag to give away 
- your support helps us offset expenses to attend conferences and events that help us help our makers locally

Sponsorships start at $395 a year.

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