Guild Membership 

The Craft Beverage Guild of Snohomish County is a business league exempt under Code section 501(c)(6) organization and such must be supported by dues. To ensure we are compliant with the IRS code and that we do not lose our nonprofit status and can continue our work we must collect dues. 

Membership to the Snohomish County Craft Beverages Guild is open to Operating Breweries, Breweries in Planning, Associate Members, Allied Trade Organizations, Suppliers, Distributors, and more! By becoming a member, you are contributing to our mission to protect and promote the craft beverage scene in our area.

2021 Members

Membership Information

The Snohomish County Craft Beverage Guild is a not-for-profit 501(c)6 organization whose mission is to advance the interests of the craft beverage makers of Snohomish County and to promote their products.

With your support, the Guild:
- serves as the collective voice of Snohomish County's craft beverage industry
- disseminates legal advocacy and legislative lobbying efforts from our partners at the County and State level related to the craft beverage industry
 promotes Snohomish County craft beverage tourism and economic development
- provides educational conferences, webinars, workshops, & networking events for the Snohomish County craft community
- can send a representative to various craft beverage marketing and tourism conferences
- can send a representative to be the liaison for the craft beverage makers of Snohomish County and various agencies and organizations working in economic development, tourism and community development

Craft Beverage Membership

Two types of paid Business Memberships in the Guild

Premium Membership

Any Snohomish County craft beverage maker may upgrade their listing and status at any time to the premium level.

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Allied Trade Membership

Allied Trade Members are retailers, suppliers and businesses who are committed to supporting craft beverage makers of Snohomish County and who recognize the importance of supporting the brewers in our area.

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Free Basic Membership

All craft beverage makers shall be listed on the Local Liquid Arts website and may be promoted occasionally in the newsletter, social media and at events but are not considered members and do not hold any voting rights.

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